The VMARS Archive

Document Standards

All electronic copies of documents made available by VMARS are to be classified to one of three standards:

Level 1  This is the minimum standard.

It should be complete or contain a notice at the front detailing missing pages or partially missing pages.
 The file name must include the VMARS catalogue number and the details entered in the catalogue file.
Finished file format to be PDF version 1.4 (Acrobat 5) one file per document, except where grouping makes sense (e.g. EMER modification instructions).
Scanning to be of sufficient quality for the content to be legible.

Level 2 

All pages should be straight i.e. not skewed.
All black borders to be cleaned off.
Pages larger than A4 in original size, to be split (post-scanning) into overlapping A4 sheets (to allow a final user to print at A4 but assemble A3 (or larger) sheets).
Any hard-to-read text to be repaired if possible.
Hardcopy document damage (e.g. tears) and previous repair marks (e.g. from the use of film/plastic backed adhesive) to be removed.
Document to be set up for automated double-sided printing at A4 size.
Scanning standards detailed elsewhere to be adhered to. For instance, each page to be scanned in the appropriate mode i.e. black/white for text and line drawings, greyscale for photos, and colour only where this exists on the original.

Level 3

Documents with more than one major section to have a hypertext index of the section headings.
Crease marks on folded pages to be removed.
Full size scans of pages larger than A4 size to be included for easy on-screen viewing.


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